Deliver projects more frequently with better quality

Is your agile team ready to take ownership of the quality of your products? To enable quality product delivery at speed, risks must be recognised and mitigated by the whole team, not just testers.  

The key to unlocking the delivery flow of your team is supporting them on their journey to becoming T-shaped. Our broad and deep experience of Risk Intelligence through testing is available to your teams through our training and coaching service.  

Empower your teams with our agile training and coaching

  • Agile Risk & Testability Training: Develops a skill set required for designing and building products that mitigate risk and enable better testing
  • Agile Behaviour-driven Development Training: A coaching programme on how to use ‘3 amigo’ collaboration that enables teams to build in quality from design through to delivery
  • Scaled Agile for Teams Training: Develops the qualities, practices and approaches of a high-performing Agile Delivery Team
  • Building T-Shaped Engineers Coaching: Enables your testers to become high-performing members of your agile team with the skills and expertise to drive quality delivery at pace. Areas covered include: Testing in DevOps, Automation Framework Implementation and Exploratory Testing
  • Building Quality-focused Teams Training: Transforms your high-performing agile team to ensure quality is built into your products and all aspects of delivery