Quality built in...

A Quality Assurance and Test Practice ensures that quality is built into your solution delivery from the earliest possible opportunity.

We will help you embed quality into your requirements which will build confidence and certainty into your delivery portfolios. Once introduced, our QA and Test Practice, powered by the strategic elements of our AssureRMF solution, will support the continued governance of quality into your solution deliveries, even when your delivery teams are distributed throughout your organisation.

When implemented, our unique approach will provide your Agile and DevOps teams with;

  • Quality Ownership A shared understanding and agreement on what quality means for your organisation with clearly defined ownership, responsibility and accountability for quality outcomes.
  • QA and Test Practices Prevent and remove risk at the earliest possible stage in the delivery pipeline.
  • Quality Improvement Continuous evaluation of quality metrics ensures your required quality and business outcomes are met, while providing risk intelligence that informs fact-based decision making.